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by Joe Manfredini (206) 542-7679

Architectural Industrial Commercial Photographer

Architectural Industrial Commercial Photographer

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With my Customer Choice Photography, or CCP for short, I offer a budget minded approach to professional architectural photography. For a set fee I will consult with you and photograph a project or projects. The beauty of CCP is that many pictures will be taken, then you will have a choice of which ones to include in your purchase package. Thus you have the option of choosing your favoirtes to use in presentaions, your web site, or even printed media.

Q: Under Customer Choice Photography, what if I need some of the capabilities of high end professional photographic services? Can I still get them?

A: Yes. There are some particularly difficult situations that require special tools and techniques beyond those available in the Customer Choice Photography basic program. These techniques can be added simply by agreement and additional fees. Included are special lighting and advanced perspective control. However, studies have shown that 90% of the value of an image for marketing purposes comes from two things: the way in which the subject is "interpreted", and the "composition" of the photograph.CCP focuses on providing these two benefits, through:

1. a marketing/consultation approach to the customer, which ensures powerful interpretation and

2. the expertise of Joe, the professional photographer.

In addition, the traditional benefits of special lighting and similar features have in many ways been obviated by the advances in film and camera technology as well as the ability in digital post-production to manipulate tone and chromatic balance. The bottom line is that today, photographic capabilities on the high end often far exceed what most business customers need and want to pay for.

In traditional photography, the customer must pay for these capabilities, because most photographers insist on it. Frankly, this is often because of the ego needs of the photographer, rather than the interests of the client. With CCP, the customer is freed from the burden of paying for services he or she doesn't need. The customer does not pay for these features unless he or she concludes—after the marketing consultation—that they are absolutely necessary because of the special nature of the project. For most business applications, these extra costs should be avoided, thus saving marketing money and stretching the budget. This is something that Customer Choice Photography recognizes and makes an integral part of the planning process.